Penetration Tests
You want to know the level of security of your cryptographic implementation?

NinjaLab proposes penetration tests on a wide range of products (smartcard, microcontroller, SoC, FPGA, IoT, Smartphone, ...) with our in-house platforms and tools:

  • Power and electromagnetic side-channel measurement
  • Laser and electromagnetic fault injection
  • State-of-the-art attacks (higher-order, machine learning, combined attacks, ...)
  • White-box cryptography attacks over binaries or source codes

If you plan turning to Common Criteria Evaluation in the future, our penetration tests report format will match those of Common Criteria for easy reuse.

Platforms / Tools
You want to have your own state-of-the-art penetration test platform for side-channel or fault attacks?

The wide range of equipments and tools available makes it difficult to sort out what will answer your specific needs in side-channel measurement and fault injection analyses. Let us help you with this: NinjaLab offers on-demand consulting and development for custom/turnkey fault and side-channel attacks platforms and tools.

You need to strengthen your implementation for market stand-out or certification purpose?

NinjaLab proposes on-demand consulting and development for secure cryptographic implementations at any level:

  • Hardware co-processor
  • Embedded software
  • White-box cryptography implementation
You are an ITSEF or a certification scheme?

NinjaLab can help ITSEFs and certification schemes in their evaluation and certification tasks:

  • Support ITSEFs with R&D and pre-evaluation tests
  • Develop custom challenges for assessing ITSEF technical level
  • Perform ITSEF audits
Technology (under consideration)

Several products are under consideration, contact us if you might be interested!

  • Turnkey test platforms (side-channel measurement, fault injection or combined)
  • White-box execution tracers
  • Statistical analysis library
  • Portfolio of protected implementations (side-channel, fault, white-box)