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NinjaLab was founded in 2017 by two researchers with more than 20 years of experience as security experts for top high-tech companies and governmental agencies.

Our vocation is the analysis and improvement of cryptographic implementations using the most advanced methods from the research world. NinjaLab's expertise applies to any product (from smartcard to computer) and any application (from crypto-currencies to DRM) that involves cryptography and manipulation of secret data.


Penetration Tests

Side-Channel, Fault and White-Box Cryptography Analyses with our in-house lab and tools

Platforms / Tools

On-demand consulting and development for custom Side-Channel and Fault Attacks platforms and software analysis tools


On-demand consulting and development for secure cryptographic implementations at any level


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We are active researchers in the fields of cryptology and embedded system security.

We love to partner in collaborative projects and work on exciting research topics.


Victor LOMNE
Victor LOMNE

Co-founder & Security Expert

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Thomas ROCHE
Thomas ROCHE

Co-founder & Security Expert

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